Turkey Seizes Largest-Ever Haul of E-Cigarettes and Cocaine in Istanbul Operation

In a successful operation at Ambarlı Port in Istanbul, the Turkish Ministry of Commerce seized a staggering 275,520 electronic cigarettes along with 35.2 kilograms of cocaine. Minister of Commerce for Turkey, Ömer Bolat, declared this as the largest-ever haul of e-cigarettes in the country’s history and commended the operation.

Bolat emphasized that as the Ministry of Commerce, they remain committed to combatting those who seek to jeopardize public health and harm the nation’s economy. He expressed a firm stance against illegal trade and drug trafficking, asserting that no leniency will be shown in such matters.

“This operation sends a clear message that we will relentlessly pursue those engaged in activities that threaten the well-being of our citizens and the economic stability of our nation,” Minister Bolat stated in the official declaration.

The substantial seizure reflects Turkey’s commitment to curbing illegal activities and ensuring the safety and security of its citizens. The Ministry of Commerce continues to work diligently to protect public health and the economic interests of the country. Further investigations are expected to unfold as authorities delve into the origins and intended destination of the seized contraband.