Trendsetting Global E-cigarette Brands to Consider

The world of electronic cigarettes is a diverse one, with brands known for outstanding starter kits, stylish and glamorous designs, and those famous for producing massive clouds. Despite their differences, these brands collectively contribute to the global e-cigarette industry’s growth through their innovative designs and pioneering releases. Today, we pay tribute to these companies for their contributions to the world of vaping.

1. Voopoo

Company History: Voopoo, established in 2015, initially began as a medical technology organization before acquiring the U.S.-based company Woody Vapes. Shortly after, they collaborated with GENE Chip Company, leveraging their technological prowess and resources to propel themselves to the forefront of e-cigarette development.

One significant achievement that ties together their recent efforts is the GENE Chip system, which is featured in nearly all devices they have released in the past few years. The GENE Chip provides significant protection for your vape, preventing burnouts and ensuring rapid firing times. It is continuously patched and improved with each new Voopoo device, making them more sophisticated than their predecessors.

Voopoo also played a role in making draw-activated technology a standard feature for many pod vapes, allowing users to simply inhale to activate their devices, expanding our expectations for vaping devices.

2. Geekvape

Company History: GeekVape, established in 2015, aspired to make the lives of smokers healthier through electronic cigarettes. Design innovation and durable construction are key aspects of their design philosophy.

So, we did the only sensible thing: we ordered a few Aegis Boost Pro and did our best to throw them around as much as possible. You can believe the hype, folks.

Geekvape’s L200 Aegis Legend 2 mod is a favorite among industry professionals. It boasts shock, rain, and particle resistance, making it capable of withstanding almost any environment while delivering versatile vaping with any sub-ohm tank you choose.

Over time, it only gets better! The Geekvape Aegis Boost Pro even promises military-grade IP67 environmental protection, claiming it can be submerged in one meter of water for a whole 30 minutes and still function. A brand for the rugged and the rock breakers.


Company History: JUUL, with a somewhat surprising but understandable origin, was initially created by Pax Labs, the designer of cutting-edge herbal vaporizers. It was launched in grand fashion in 2015 and achieved enormous success. Pax Labs eventually established Juul Labs in 2017, focusing on this highly popular e-cigarette alternative.

Perhaps one of the most well-known e-cigarette companies, Juul has achieved its success by offering something that others couldn’t: sheer convenience.

Electronic cigarettes typically encourage a certain level of personalization through the choice of your device and e-liquid. MTL or DTL? 50/50 or high VG? Watts? Ohms? Mesh coil tank or hand-wrapped Clapton coil RDA?

For many, the goal of vaping is simple: to quit smoking with as little hassle as possible. Juul caters to this base. You don’t need to learn anything; just insert your pod and puff away.

With a range of high-strength flavors, Juul looks set to continue its dominance in the casual e-cigarette space, and we’re thrilled to partner with them.


Company History: SMOK is one of the oldest e-cigarette co

mpanies today. Starting in 2010, SMOK initially achieved moderate success in the relatively unknown world of e-cigarettes until 2015 when they released the TFV4 tank. While other companies were just beginning to experiment with cotton coil technology, SMOK released the first three-core and four-core coil systems for sub-ohm vaping—a massive technological breakthrough that established them as the flagship company we know today.

SMOK has come a long way. Initially, their larger, boxy sub-ohm kits like the AL85 and Alien 220 captured everyone’s attention, contributing to the global popularity of sub-ohm vaping. Then they led the pod vape revolution, shocking us all by releasing the wildly popular Nord series and, more recently, the RPM 4 and Acro devices.

Nord remains one of the most popular pod vaping systems, and powerful mods like the Rigel prove that they haven’t abandoned the old traditions. As long as I’ve been vaping, SMOK has been around, and I have no doubt they will continue to be for years to come.

5. Innokin

Company History: Innokin, established in 2011, initially gained success with its early sub-ohm tanks and quickly grew to become an international giant with facilities in both China and California.

They caught our attention with early sub-ohm devices like the iSub VE tank, but the release of the Endura T18E caused a seismic shift in the e-cigarette industry, almost overnight solidifying Innokin as the master of starter kits.

Since then, they’ve had a string of tremendous successes: increasing the internal battery capacity with the T22E, updating the design of the T18E with the T18-II, and now following up with the T22 Pro, which we confidently crown as the best and most powerful starter kit available, with its remarkable 3000mAh battery and power adjustment features while retaining the beloved T18E coil series.

If you’re looking to quit smoking and start vaping, we can’t recommend Innokin devices highly enough. It’s exactly what you need.


Max (Shenzhen) electronic technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturer, specializing in the research, development, production, trading, and sale of e-cigarette products. MAX has 3 production factory bases with a total area of over 10,000 square meters of GMP workshops. We have first-class technical standards and more than 600 employees skilled in the use of automatic production lines, all our products can meet healthy standards.

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MAX’s corporate mission: Always put customers’ needs first, seek high quality, low cost, high efficiency, and quality first production principle.

MAX’s values: Integrity, unity, tolerance, and dedication.


The world of electronic cigarettes is a diverse field, which is why we haven’t crowned any one of our favorites as the winner in this list. Each of these manufacturers values different aspects of design, and there’s no right or wrong choice. It’s just a matter of what suits your needs, preferences, and values.