Tips for making the most of your Vaping product to deliver a flexible service experience

E-cigarette products have become very popular in the last few years for obvious reasons: they are a safer alternative to letting nicotine into your body, and they are also a highly customizable experience. In vaping, everyone can find an experience that suits their tastes and needs.
When you start using e-cigarette products, there are a few things you need to consider. If you are already a smoker, you may want to consider a disposable e-cigarette with a high nicotine content e-liquid. However, if you are only a casual smoker or don’t smoke at all, you should start with a vape oil that is lower in nicotine or even nicotine free.

Different types of disposable e-cigarettes will have different flavors and characteristics. There are differences in size, shape, battery size, number of puffs, flavor, and nicotine content.
In this article, we’re going to give you tips to improve your experience with e-cigarette products by understanding the differences between disposable e-cigarettes.
Understanding resistance and airflow
Resistance is the name of the heating element that will vaporize your e-liquid. When the battery is activated, the resistor immediately heats up, giving you a delicious vapor.

There are different kinds of resistors, and our devices use two of them: traditional coils and mesh resistors.
Our smaller devices use conventional coils, which are strings of metal wrapped around a small-diameter piece of metal. The coils will have cotton inside. The cotton transfers the e-liquid from the tank to the resistor and is also responsible for keeping the e-liquid from spilling out of your device.

A mesh resistor is a thin layer of metal in a mesh. The mesh can be manipulated to obtain different forms, depending on how you wish to use it on your device. Since our devices are disposable, you never have to open the atomizer to replace the coil. When the canister runs out, you only have to dispose of the device or cartridge, depending on which device you purchased.

Airflow is what we call the path the air takes as it passes through the inside of the device. As you drag it away from the bite, the air enters the device, passes through resistance, and eventually enters your lungs. The air openings in the device will determine how restrictive the draw will be. A more open airflow will have little to no resistance as you inhale, while a restrictive airflow will give you an experience closer to that of a cigarette. Restriction or lack thereof will also help determine the vapor output of the device, with a less restrictive airflow providing a larger vapor cloud.

Unique Vape Flavors
Another way to greatly improve your experience with e-cigarette products is to find the best e-liquid for your taste. E-liquids allow us to really experiment with flavors and create a unique flavor profile there, which means something is always right for someone.

If you’re new to vaping: try, try, and try some more! You must experience many different flavors to ensure that you find the one that works best for you. Don’t be afraid to try new flavors and devices, because you never know if the best fit for you is just two shelves away from what you’re used to buying.

Vape appearance, battery size and number of vaping sessions
The shape of our disposable devices will vary depending on battery size and the number of vapes. Devices with larger batteries will also have more e-liquid, which means they are larger than their lower capacity counterparts.

We have 4 different sizes of devices, MKBAR7000, MAZE4000, BLOOM600 and XMAX2000.
If you are a chain e-cigarette user, the XBOX5000 and XMAX are perfect for you. There are significant differences between these devices, the main difference being the battery size and the number of vaping sessions. If you are starting to explore which e-cigarette experience is best for you, then you should try the BAR7000 or MAZE4000 so that you can try several different flavors to find the best fit for you.

The MAZE is rated at 4000 puffs, while the BAR offers 7000 puffs – our largest device to date. the BAR7000 is rated at 700 puffs. the BLOOM600 can also puff 600 times, but you can buy 2 boxes for the price of one BLOOM600.