The vape product is leaking oil! What should I do?

Some of the partners reflect that we choose electronic cigarette products after the situation of oil absorption, or electronic cigarette oil leakage phenomenon, this time we should do what?

Electronic cigarette products’ leakage phenomenon or oil absorption, and the quality of the product have a certain relationship. Normal electronic cigarette products should not be sucked into the oil, the oil is heated through the atomizer into the fog before being inhaled. If you have to smoke oil may atomizer head/atomizer core is not effective in converting the oil into the fog.

You can try to change the atomizer head/atomizer core, if there is still one that is most likely to change the entire atomizer.
Generally, more than 100 ego electronic cigarette products may have the phenomenon of oil leakage, we buy more Taobao evaluation, or electronic cigarette products to take the wrong angle, or put the time not according to the correct funding potential.
Electronic cigarette products oil leakage phenomenon]

What is the electronic cigarette oil leakage phenomenon?
The concept of oil leakage is: the smoke liquid never flows out of the normal channels, such as by the outside of the atomization chamber glass, atomizer base, the outside of the mouthpiece, and other non-normal channels. And the occasional inhalation of smoke oil by the mouth inside the mouth does not belong to the phenomenon of oil leakage phenomenon, this kind of general is [atomization steam] gathered condensation from the water droplets, the solution: the mouth down to shake out the liquid left behind, followed by a paper towel twisted into a rope probe into the rotation wipe dry can be.

Really can not, directly replace the atomization core to solve. This situation is usually out of the novice more, many first time with electronic cigarette products do not know how to navigate the electronic cigarette products are prone to cause inhalation of liquid smoke in the mouth situation, the same electronic cigarette products veterans with few of this situation.

From the real cigarette into the electronic cigarette, as if the coach for a private car, there is the conversion between the throttle with speed and no speed, pay attention to the strength of the foot, all factors, it takes time to adapt to understand the electronic cigarette products.
It is a mistake to have a Burberry and then a thousand horses, in fact, the two are at the same time, but it takes time to tacitly understand. Never encounter a normal phenomenon surprised by the phenomenon of oil leakage, the real oil leakage is not so leaky!

What about oil leakage from electronic cigarette products?
How to solve the “electronic cigarette product oil leakage phenomenon”
The so-called oil leakage phenomenon or inhalation of liquid smoke in the mouth is not really an oil leakage phenomenon, but belongs to the electronic cigarette products do not understand the misunderstanding or improper human operation. Generally divided into the following five situations caused by electronic cigarette products are different from the real cigarette, in the use of the way must be careful. (Only occasionally inhale smoke oil, it is the normal range, as long as the electronic cigarette products will have the phenomenon of steam condensation residue, just need to shake out the residual smoke liquid in the mouth, then use toilet paper rolled into a paper stick into the mouth rotating wipe on it!)

1, in use, the correct posture for the use of electronic cigarette products for the battery rod end downward tilt, and can not be cocked up to smoke!
2, add cigarette liquid to 1.3ML for the best, the highest do not exceed 1.6ML (electronic smoke chemistry chamber on the scale)
3, such as the above way no problem, the replacement will be able to atomization core solution. The reason is that the individual atomization core rope is too fine, resulting in the speed of the liquid into the smoke caused by too fast, replace it can be.
4, the pressure from the method of adding the smoke liquid from beginning to end is wrong, simply did not watch the video of adding the smoke liquid operation.
5, in the end, there is a situation is: some people unscrew the battery rod, not to grab the middle of the metal threads of the electronic cigarette screw, but to grab the atomizer glass compartment screw, resulting in the atomizer glass compartment and the threads are unscrewed or screwed loose and lead to get a hand of oil!

(Tighten it up)
We need to pay attention to the maintenance of equipment in the process of playing electronic cigarettes, before we buy the equipment, but also carefully selected. Do not understand or do not understand the place can communicate with us more or see our previous articles. Thank you very much.