The Spanish government has banned the sale of flavored and heated tobacco products

The Spanish government has approved a ban on flavored and heated cigarette products to curb smoking.


According to an AFP report on January 16, the Spanish government allowed a ban on flavored and heated cigarette products on Jan 16 as part of its efforts to curb smoking.


Heated Cigarette Products (HTPs) Through a process called “pyrolysis”, the nicotine in tobacco leaves is released at high temperatures but does not burn or scorch. This alternative to traditional cigarettes is gradually gaining popularity but is often confused with atomized e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes may contain tobacco tar oil when heated, but no tobacco leaves are involved.


The law also stipulates that the packaging of hot tobacco products should display the same health warnings as other cigarette products, as the Health Ministry said in a statement. In addition, the law prohibits the use of flavorings in other cigarette products, such as cigarette filters and cigarette paper.


Although smoking rates have fallen sharply in Spain in recent decades, the number of regular smokers remains high. Recent figures from the WorldHealth Organization show that around a quarter of adults in Spain (26%) use cigarettes daily, compared with a global average of 22.3%.