The Rise of Goldbar-Styled E-cigarettes at the UK Vape Expo

The UK Vape Expo, held on October 27-28, witnessed the introduction of several brands showcasing electronic cigarettes packaged in gold-colored designs, resembling shimmering gold bars. Notably, brands like AU GOLD and GOLD MARY showcased electronic cigarette designs almost identical to the well-known disposable e-cigarette brand, GOLD BAR. This emerging trend caught the attention of the GOLD BAR team, prompting them to share their perspective on the phenomenon.From MeKesse disposable vape brands research.

GOLD BAR’s Unique Concept and Design

The team behind GOLD BAR expressed satisfaction at finding numerous brands adopting a similar design approach at the expo. They emphasized that the concept and design of their gold bar-shaped e-cigarette product had contributed to the successful development of their business. Initially popular in the Middle Eastern market, GOLD BAR has gradually gained recognition in the UK market since mid-2023. Various e-cigarette stores have started selling their products, further expanding their reach.

Expanding the Product Line

Historically focused on disposable e-cigarettes, GOLD BAR identified the potential in the pod system market and has plans to swiftly introduce pod system products. Additionally, they intend to diversify their product line by offering open-system devices and e-liquids to meet the varying demands of consumers. This strategic expansion aims to cement their position as a versatile and preferred choice among e-cigarette users.


The UK Vape Expo served as a platform for various brands to showcase their gold-styled e-cigarettes, notably resembling the iconic design of GOLD BAR. The team behind GOLD BAR expressed pride in their unique concept and design, which has facilitated the brand’s growth. With plans to tap into the pod system market and expand their product line, GOLD BAR aims to cater to the evolving needs of their consumers.

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