The mayor of Cleveland has traveled to Washington to promote a nationwide ban on flavored cigarettes

The mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, Justine Bibeau, campaigning for a nationwide ban on menthol tobacco, traveled to Washington to rally support for a nationwide law banning the sale of flavored tobacco. The federal government may introduce a nationwide ban on the sale of menthol tobacco.


According to US media reports, the mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, Justin Bibb, traveled to Washington to participate in pushing the White House to ban the sale of flavored tobacco nationwide.


In the CampaignforTobacco-FreeKids, Cleveland Mayor Campaign for Tobacco-Freekids said “President Biden and his administration should save thousands of lives in our city,” the group’s video conference said.


The Cleveland City Council introduced a bill last year to prevent the sale of cigarette products but did not hold a hearing or vote. However, other actions by the state complicate the possibility of banning the sale of menthol tobacco.


DavidMargolius, director of the Cleveland Department of Public Health, said for doctors, the data on flavored tobacco is clear: deaths from smoking are among the highest in the region. Cleveland has a smoking rate of 35% among U.S. adults (the national average is 12.5%) %, and in addition, the average life expectancy in the area is 10-20 years shorter than in surrounding communities. The problem with menthol tobacco, he explained, is that it adds a natural cough suppressant to the taste, making smokers smoke deeper, longer, and more addictive.


In 2009, the Tobacco Control Act banned the sale of flavored tobacco nationwide, except for mint flavor.


Experts note that time is particularly important for a federal ban on menthol tobacco because it will take about a year for the FDA to implement a ban, which could take effect before the next president takes office.