The Italian government intends to impose a total ban on long-distance and cross-border sales of vape

According to Italian parliamentary news, the current ruling Pai Brothers party proposed changes to Bill 1038, the party proposed an amendment to ban the long-distance and cross-border sale of e-cigarettes. Unbeknownst to the party, the amendment was not supported by the Italian coalition party. The coalition party proposed a secondary amendment that would have banned only cross-border sales. Some of these amendments will be debated and voted on by the House Finance Committee in the coming days.


The Italian League Party has long held a pro-electronic cigarette position.


In their view, banning only cross-border sales of e-cigarettes is a more reasonable and feasible measure, as it would limit the problem of illegal trade and cross-border circulation while preserving free competition in the domestic market.


It is understood that a total of 22,729 e-cigarette products are officially registered in Italy. Of these, 10,322 contain nicotine and 12,407 do not contain nicotine.


The previous Italian government cabinet took a positive stance on tobacco harm reduction by allowing online sales of e-cigarette products, but amendments proposed by the Brotherhood party would likely change that position.


So far, the Italian government and legislature are engaged in intense discussion and debate over the sale of e-cigarettes.


They hope to find a balanced solution that protects public health while promoting economic and market development.