The difference between VG and PG in vape vape oil

What is the difference between VG and PG in e-cigarette vape oil? VG is naturally sweet and PG is the abbreviation of propylene glycol. PG is made according to the hydration of propylene oxide, so what is the difference between VG and PG in e-cigarette oil? Let me tell you.

VG is naturally sweet, there are some users who think this is good, no need to add sweetener for sweet flavor vape oil. the sweetness of VG is not from the sweetener or sugar in the flavor, but the taste of VG itself, which is more appropriate. Unbeknownst to some users, they feel that the sweetness of VG is too great and far exceeds the taste of the vape oil itself.

PG is an abbreviation for propylene glycol, which is based on the hydration of propylene oxide, is much thinner than VG, and produces much less smoke. However, PG can have a strong throat hit, which many users like.

PG has been recognized by the FDA as a safe food additive. However, unbeknownst to users of e-cigarettes, some users have experienced allergic symptoms and other adverse reactions after using vaping oil containing PG. Allergy symptoms can be large or small, the lighter the throat discomfort, the heavier the whole body itching, but also accompanied by dizziness, and nausea symptoms. If the symptoms of allergy appear, this category of people is due to the use of VG smoking oil.
Advantages and disadvantages of VGPG vape oil

VG advantages
1、Large smoke
2, healthy, less allergy symptoms
3、Natural sweet taste
4, Comfortable throat

1、Smoke oil is sticky, difficult to guide oil
2、Poor throat feel
3、Sweetness is likely to overwhelm the flavor
4, dry mouth and phlegm accumulation

PG advantages
1、Convenient to mix with flavors
2, strong sense of throat
3, vape oil smooth oil good

1, although the FDA found safe, but any adverse reactions reported
2, tobacco oil needs to be sweetened with sweetener to increase the sweetness
The difference between VG and PG in electronic cigarette oil is shared here, thank you for reading the article.