The difference between oral and pulmonary inhalation

Electronic cigarette mouth inhalation, lung inhalation puzzling, what is the difference between the two? In fact, these are the two most common inhalation methods of e-cigarettes, and different types of inhalation methods will bring the user a different experience.
How to inhale an e-cigarette by mouth?
Oral inhalation is the same as our usual way of smoking, which means that the gas is first inhaled into the mouth and then inhaled into the lungs, and this way is generally used by people who want to replace the real cigarette or quit smoking, and the resistance of the atomizer is more than 1 ohm high resistance atomizer. In order to match these devices, users will also choose PG and nicotine oils to create an inhalation experience similar to the roar of a cigarette.
Compared to pulmonary inhalation, smoke stays in the user’s mouth for a longer period of time, so when using oral inhalation, the user will also have a more nuanced taste experience with the flavor of the tobacco oil. Considering that both cigar and cigarette users use the oral smoking method, most players who use e-cigarettes to replace cigarettes will also choose the oral smoking method to adopt e-cigarettes.
How do I inhale an e-cigarette?

Lung inhalation is a method of inhalation that does not stay in the mouth but is inhaled directly into the lungs, just like a deep whistle. The dense smoke fills the lungs instantly, similar to the feeling of using a water pipe. It is more suitable for the more popular low resistance atomizer in recent years, this way can inhale more smoke at one time, so the smoke exhaled is much larger compared to oral inhalation, very much smoke will bring the user a more dense and full taste experience, to properly reduce the nicotine concentration, increase the VG content to obtain a larger amount of smoke.

Mouth smoking is very similar to our daily smoking technique when using cigarettes, while lung smoking is closer to the way of inhalation when using hookah.

Mouthpuffing is a small smoke with a big taste, so take your time and enjoy it. When smoking and cigarette feeling similar to the first into the mouth, the taste spread all over the mouth, stay a while and then into the lungs, and then exhale, and a different taste, full of pleasant;

Lung smoking is simple and brutal, instant explosion, rich smoke instantly after the mouth does not stay directly into the lungs, and then directly out of the spray, a moment of cool, smoky, intoxicating.

In general, the mouth is like wine, slowly enjoy, while the lung is like drinking beer, a large bottle of dry.

It is important to note that new electronic cigarette players recommend oral suction, otherwise it is easy to be choked, and then choose lung suction after proficiency in operation. Oral or pulmonary suction, suitable for their own is the best.