The Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency has launched a public consultation on vapes within 60 days

According to Brazilian media Poder360, a public consultation on the use of e-cigarettes in Brazil by the Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) was released on December 12 local time.


The consultation will last for 60 days and everyone has the right to participate. The agency reportedly banned the use of e-cigarettes in Brazil in 2009. However, in July 2022, the agency’s general meeting again decided on the issue, but still unanimously decided to keep the ban in place.


According to reports, there are many types of e-cigarettes, of which atomizers are the most common, allowing people to inhale atomized gas containing flavor and smoke tar. In addition, there are e-cigarette devices that can heat a cigarette without burning it.


According to a public consultation announced in October 2023 by Antonio BarraTorres, President of Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency, the issue will be reassessed after all comments have been collected.


Jose Costa Silva Brazilian psychiatrist (JorgeCostaeSilva), was once a director of the World Health Organization (WHO) who supported the standardized regulation of vapes.


He believed that everything prohibited was bad, and they were against total prohibition. His point is that what a lot of people don’t understand is that standardized regulation and total prohibition are two different things.


The report finally pointed out that the University of Sao Paulo (Universidad de Aopaulo) professor of Gonzalo Vesinana School of Public Health, the former president of the Brazilian National Health Supervision Agency (GonzaloVecina), also supports the standardized management of electronic cigarettes.


He also noted that the nicotine in e-cigarettes is harmful to health, but he believes the devices are less harmful than traditional tobacco. Given that traditional tobacco is now allowed, he believes e-cigarettes should also be allowed for consumption.