Tens of thousands of Vape in breach of regulations seized in Salford, UK

According to a July 5 BBC report, Salford Trading Standards seized 35,000 disposable e-cigarettes and 3,500 bottles of e-cigarette oil at an e-cigarette company with the assistance of the Greater Manchester Police Authority (GMP).
The investigation revealed that all of these products were illegal, with some of them containing 11 times more than the legal amount of vape oil.

Since January, Salford Trading Standards has seized nearly 85,000 illegal e-cigarette products with a market value of more than £650,000.

The department said one of the seized products was a blueberry-flavored, drink-shaped e-cigarette, which may have been deliberately designed for children.
The head of environment and community safety said: “It is shocking that some manufacturers are deliberately designing e-cigarettes to cater for children and it is unbelievable that we have found that local businesses are involved in this exploitation. I am very grateful to the people who complained to us about this, enabling our staff and police to go ahead and clear the shelves of these non-compliant and illegal products. Properly regulated e-cigarettes can be a great way for adults to quit smoking, but non-smokers and those under 18 should not use them because nicotine is extremely addictive.”