Tax on E-cigarettes: A Waiting Game in the Netherlands

The Dutch government has decided to hold off on introducing a tax on e-cigarettes or vapes. This issue will be left for the new administration after the November election.From MeKesse disposable vape brands research.

The Netherlands is awaiting approval from the EU to initiate taxing e-cigarettes, a process expected to take several years.

Meanwhile, some other EU countries have already implemented local taxes on these products, much like the Netherlands has done for other unhealthy items, such as soft drinks.

Dutch doctors are concerned about the increasing number of young people taking up vaping. One in five youngsters has used e-cigarettes in the past year, and 70% of them also smoke traditional cigarettes.

The current age limit of 18 for using vapes is widely ignored, and online sales of these products have seen significant growth.

Vaping is a cheaper alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, which now cost around €11 per pack. An e-cigarette with the equivalent of two packs of nicotine costs about €6.

Given the EU’s tobacco tax laws are not expected to be revised until 2025, the Netherlands is considering its own national options for taxing e-cigarettes to protect public health.

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