TACJA’s Innovative Nicotine Pouches to Europe

Global smokeless tobacco brand TACJA now offers innovative nicotine pouches in the UK, Switzerland, and Sweden. TACJA presents eight flavors in two series: MELLOW and FROZEN, providing users a personal and enjoyable alternative, including fruity, cooling, and classic tobacco tastes.From MeKesse disposable vape brands research.

These pouches offer customizable nicotine concentrations (20mg/g, 18mg/g, and 12mg/g) for a tailored soothing effect. TACJA ensures diverse flavors and strengths to elevate the user experience.

The flavor lasts up to 30 minutes, striking a balance between release and retention. This oral tobacco is smokeless and vapor-free, enabling anywhere enjoyment.

Complying with EU Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), TACJA uses pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, ensuring the highest quality standards. Product in-charge Charles An is thrilled about the flavor range and sensory experience.

TACJA is dedicated to setting a trend in the oral tobacco market and redefining the nicotine experience for users. With its customizable offerings, TACJA empowers users to stay smokeless with ease.

TACJA, the global smokeless tobacco brand, embodies modernity, self-expression, and freedom. It aims to push boundaries, offering a rich flavor experience and unleashing unique sensations.

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