Supporting Indonesian vape Association to Promote Alternative Cigarette Merchandise

According to the Indonesian news site Liputan6, Chairman of the Indonesian Electronic Cigarette Association (AKVINDO) Paido Siahaan said he supports the promotion of alternative cigarette merchandise in Indonesia as one of the solutions for adult smokers looking to break free from the habit.

In an interview with the media, Paido said that most of the alternative cigarette products are aimed at reducing the health risks associated with smoking. He also admitted that it is not easy to convince adult smokers to replace cigarette products. The reason for this is that the public has a lot of misinformation about such products.

Therefore, AKVINDO actively provides accurate and credible knowledge in order to minimize negative views and information. In addition, they use social media as a teaching medium.

“As a consumer association, we conduct educational and awareness campaigns to disseminate information that helps the public to know the truth about cigarette replacement products. Consumer associations can build support and trust among the public for alternative cigarette products through creative and persuasive campaigns.”

Scientific studies have proven that alternative cigarette merchandise are less risky than traditional tobacco, such as heated cigarette merchandise, e-cigarettes, and cigarette tar pouches. Therefore, in order to help adult smokers quit, they need accurate browsing and information.

Additionally, the association noted that in its latest report in November 2022, it verified the effectiveness of substitute cigarette merchandise, particularly e-cigarettes, to help adult smokers break the habit.