Spain’s health ministry is considering smoking or using vape in public

According to the Spanish media and the Olive Press news, the Spanish Ministry of Health’s “Comprehensive Plan for Smoking Prevention and Control 2021-2025” may soon restart strict anti-smoking measures.

There has been speculation for years about the details, including whether smoking bans on terraces would be extended to private cars and beaches. Beaches across Spain are gradually being designated as “smoke-free beaches” and each municipality will take measures.

The department will “study every plan” to expand smoke-free areas and ensure cigarettes are no longer a part of daily life for future generations, the report said.

Tobacco prices in Spain are among the cheapest in Western Europe, so a higher pricing strategy could also play a role.

Many believe the health Ministry’s strategy will include monitoring smoking – something that is particularly popular among young people.

The Ministry of Health has begun to look at the situation in other countries such as France or the UK. These countries are implementing measures to limit or even ban the use of e-cigarettes, especially single-use e-cigarettes, while also considering raising the age at which people can start smoking.

The government aims to expand the cigarette-related ban “as soon as possible,” but that could mean anything – especially as the powerful cigarette lobby could apply pressure against any measure they deem draconian.

In addition, there is the small matter of getting legislation through Congress, where only a handful of lawmakers support the government of Pedro Sanchez.