South Korea’s national health survey: After the epidemic, the smoking rate of vape has increased slightly

According to a report on December 7, the new coronavirus epidemic has lasted for three years in South Korea. While people have returned to their daily lives and improved physical activity, rates of chronic diseases such as eating and drinking, obesity, and high blood pressure are increasing.
The National Health and Nutrition Survey is a survey of people over 10,000 yuan under the National Health Promotion Law and includes more than 250 public health indicators, including smoking, alcohol consumption, physical activity, nutrition, chronic diseases, and more.
The figures show that while smoking rates fell slightly in 2021, drinking rates rose again and practice rates of physical activity increased for both men and women compared to last year.
The smoking rate for men remained the same last year at 36.6 percent for men and 7.2 percent for women but decreased by 1.3 percent for women. % (p). The current smoking rate is 30% for men and 5% for women, which is 1.3 and 1.9% lower than last year. p. Compared to last year, the smoking rate of vaping e-cigarettes has increased slightly, to 5.6 percent for men and 1.3 percent for women. ; Tobacco-type e-cigarettes (heated non-combustible goods) also increased compared to last year, with 9.2% for men and 2.4% for women.