South Korea’s Jeju vpae company celebrates its 15th anniversary by offering benefits to repay citizens for their support

The vape company “정품전자담배” from Jeju Island, South Korea, held its 15th anniversary Thanksgiving Day event to express its gratitude to the public for their support, including offering discounts on liquid and free product replacements.

According to a report in Newsday, recently located in the South Korean Jeju vape company “정 품 전 자 담 배” (Genuine Vapes) to celebrate the 15th anniversary, a series of gratitude.

정품전자담배 Currently, there are 11 directly operated stores on Jeju Island, including the New downtown store, and more than 2,000 sales points in the country. 정품전자담배HakkaSignature and other latest upgrades Airlix offers the latest popular products exclusively on the mainland, JKorea, Cigaman, Yongtrim, etc., to meet the needs of customers, and insists on recalling products in case of quality problems, free replacement with the safest latest models.

정품전자담배 A representative said: “To improve customer convenience, all of our stores have spacious car parks throughout the year for easy customer use. “We sell e-cigarette liquid exclusively on Jeju Island, and this is the first store to introduce the latest equipment and have a large number of the latest products.” He added: “We set up 11 stores in every corner of Jeju Island to become VapeKorea headquarters and launched ZapJuice and Markisa, the most popular e-cigarette liquid brand in China, thanks to the support of islanders. This year marks our 15th anniversary. We hope to celebrate the 15th anniversary

During the 15th anniversary celebration, 정품전자담배 will offer a wealth of discounts, including introducers and consumers will receive a bottle of vape through a friend’s referral to purchase the device; The latest e-liquid product price campaign is 5,000 won; And 15% points feedback.