Smoke-Free World Foundation Appoints New CEO, But Controversy Looms

From MeKesse business department research,, Smoke-Free World Foundation has appointed Clifford E. Douglas as its new CEO and President.
Douglas has a long history of advocating for tobacco control, including fighting against smoking on airplanes.
The Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating smoking-related diseases and deaths worldwide.
However, the Foundation’s recent funding from Philip Morris International (PMI) has drawn criticism from the World Health Organization (WHO).
WHO member countries have stated that they will not work with the Foundation, citing a fundamental conflict of interest between tobacco companies and public health.

PMI had pledged to donate approximately $80 million annually to the Foundation for the next 12 years.
However, this move was criticized by the WHO, which believes that tobacco companies have a conflict of interest with public health.
The WHO has stated that it will not cooperate with tobacco companies or non-state actors promoting tobacco industry interests.
Despite the controversy, the Smoke-Free World Foundation remains committed to its charitable mission.
Douglas believes that the Foundation has a unique advantage in reducing smoking worldwide and will continue to advocate for healthier lifestyles.

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