Russia’s 2022 Vape import tax revenue triples that of heated tobacco

Not long ago, according to the Russian tax website, in the year 2022, e-cigarette import tax revenue was three times more than that of heated tobacco.

The total import tax on e-cigarette devices amounted to 2.83 billion rubles (about RMB 230 million), compared to 923 million rubles (about RMB 74.7 million) for heated tobacco cartridges;
Import duty on electronic cigarette oil is 3.507 billion rubles (about 280 million yuan), and heated tobacco equipment is 357 million rubles (about 28.9 million yuan).

In January 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that increased taxes on cigarettes, cigars, heated tobacco products and e-cigarette oils effective March 1, while simultaneously eliminating tax revenues on e-cigarettes themselves.

According to its new law;

From March 1 to December 31, 2023, the tax rate on e-cigarette oils is increased to 20 rubles per milliliter, in 2024 to 21 rubles per milliliter, and in 2025 to 22 rubles per milliliter;
The tax rate on heated tobacco cartridges will be levied at 8,669 rubles per kilogram in 2023, raised to 9,016 rubles in 2024 and 9,377 rubles in 2025.

The law will also continue to e-cigarette vape oil is defined as any liquid containing 0.1 mg/ml or more of liquid nicotine.