Russian Health Ministry: Smoking rate in Russia has dropped to 18.7% in the past five years

According to the Russian Ministry of Health, in the past five years, the percentage of the Russian population who smoke has dropped from 24.2 percent to 18.7 percent.

According to data from the Ministry of Health’s Central Medical Agency and Informatization Institute, the percentage of smokers in Russia has dropped from 24.2 percent to 18.7 percent over the past five years.


In recent years, with the popularity of a healthy lifestyle, the proportion of the Russian population who smoke has been declining. According to 2022 data, 19.2% of adults in the country have a smoking habit. People’s awareness of smoking is becoming clearer and measures are being taken to change the bad habit, which undoubtedly reflects the health communication effect of in-depth cooperation between local governments and public agencies.


According to the assessment of smoking by the Institute of Public Opinion, 30% of citizens over the age of 18 will still smoke in 2023. The healthcare sector and the community still face huge challenges in further reducing bad habits such as smoking.


Pulmonologist Alexandra Kochurova, who was interviewed in an interview, said that in the past few years, 10-15% of people who use vapes, nebulizers, and cigarette heating systems have started to develop health problems and seek medical advice.


This phenomenon has aroused great attention from experts, who warn that using these modern alternatives does not avoid the health hazards of smoking.