Russia Considers Import Tax on E-Cigarettes: A Move to Regulate and Increase Safety

In a recent report by Govoritmoskva on October 16th, it’s revealed that the Russian Federal Audit Chamber is proposing a 5% import tax on electronic cigarette devices. This suggestion is outlined in their conclusions regarding the federal budget draft for 2024-2026.From MeKesse disposable vape brands research.

Sultan Hamzaev, a member of parliament, explained the rationale behind this proposal. He sees it as a regulatory move to address low price standards for harmful e-cigarette devices, suggesting that they should even be banned entirely due to their health risks.

Hamzaev commented, “I believe the tax rate may eventually increase to 30-40%. Our goal is to make these electronic cigarette devices less accessible. We’ve witnessed their destructive potential, from explosions to incomplete understanding of their chemical components. I advocate for a comprehensive ban.”

The Russian Federal Audit Chamber’s conclusion indicates that if import levels remain consistent with the previous year, the import tax on electronic cigarettes and accessories could contribute an additional 1.5 billion rubles to the budget.

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