The Argentine vape Association has asked the new president to revoke laws and regulations banning the sale of vapes

Recently, according to the official website of the World Vape Alliance, the Argentine e-cigarette Association (AsovapeArgentina) passed an open letter, The World e-Cigarette Alliance has elected Argentina’s new president, JavierMilei, to repeal the request to ban the sale of e-cigarettes under the Drug, Food and Medical Technology Administration Law 3226/2011.

The regulation, which came into effect on May 6, 2011, prohibits the import, distribution, sale, and promotion of vapes in Argentina.

The open letter pointed out that since the ban went into effect, many studies have proven that vapes have younger risks, stronger smoking cessation functions, and lower health risks from tobacco tar. JuanFacundoTeme, president of the Argentine vape Association, commented: “The ban is inconsistent with respect for the individual freedom of adults and the rights of users in Argentina. At the same time, if the rights and freedoms of Argentine adults are violated, they should be abolished immediately.

Mr. Temer issued a statement saying,

“China should not tell Argentines how to consume tobacco tar. It should respect the individual’s decision to choose e-cigarettes and undermine the demand for tobacco tar in fewer ways.” In addition, he noted, “all the arguments used to support the ban have been overturned.”


In Latin America, Argentina’s smoking rate stands at 24.5 percent, one of the highest in the world.

“Smoking is a huge problem for Argentina, and the ban has only exacerbated the problem,” Theimer said. It spreads the false perception that e-cigarettes are as good or worse than smoking, which makes it difficult for millions of smokers to become safer candidates and drives thousands of vape users back to cigarettes. As long as we are clear about the message of e-cigarettes and put in place appropriate laws and regulations, we can quickly and significantly reduce smoking rates.”

Alberto Gomez Hernandez, Director of Policy at the World e-Cigarette Alliance Alberto Hernandez said, “Argentina has one of the stricter restrictions on e-cigarettes in all regions, and therefore has the highest smoking rates.”

Michael Rand, Director of the World E-Cigarette Alliance (MichaelLandl), said: “Argentina’s attitude towards e-cigarettes is outdated and not compatible with respect for consumers’ freedoms. Argentina now has a good chance to take the lead and adopt what Sweden or England did. Both countries respect user choice and improve public health. Sweden is set to become the first country to go smoke-free, and smoking rates in the UK are also falling fast. We encourage President Milley and his Government to follow these examples. The use of e-cigarettes is not a crime and should be legalized immediately.”