Putin Has Signed Personal Transportation of Nicotine-Containing Products Bill Limits Individuals to No More Than 5 Vape Products

According to the media site 1prime, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill, which limits the amount of unmarked nicotine products to be carried by individuals on the territory of Russia in order to comply with Russian law, and has now been published on the previous legal information portal.

The bill establishes a limit on the amount of unlabeled nicotine products that can be carried by individuals in order to comply with Russian law.

The annexes provided with the bill show that the illegal market for tobacco oils and disposable nicotine delivery devices (disposable e-cigarettes) is growing by an average of 20% per year, and by the middle of 2022 will account for about 90% of the total market for such products in Russia.

This law is aimed at combating the illegal trade in similar products.

According to the document, individuals over 18 years of age may now carry up to 200 heated tobacco products, up to five units of other nicotine-containing products (excluding heated tobacco products), and up to a total of 20 milliliters of nicotine-containing liquids. There are also restrictions on the total weight of unmarked non-tobacco heating mixtures transported, which may not exceed 250 grams.

These restrictions are similar to the current regulations on tobacco products, whereby individuals over 18 years of age may carry no more than 200 unmarked cigarettes or 50 unmarked cigars on the territory of Russia.

In addition to this, the total weight of tobacco products carried with the person may not exceed 250 grams per person.