Provide Vapers with the most suitable taste of important reminders

If you don’t know the needs of electronic cigarettes and electronic oil in terms of taste and flavor, this article will provide you with some useful guidance. I hope this can help you find a wonderful “sweet point”.

Before we start, we must remember that our taste will be affected by our lifestyle and feeling. Whenever we relax, we can better enjoy our food and experience flavor. Stress, anxiety, and emotions will weaken and numb our senses. Therefore, although there are some useful tips below to help you optimize the taste of fruit juice, our mood and mental state will also play a role.

The most suitable electronic liquid
Except for the flavoring agent in smoke oil, it generally does not exceed 10-15%, and most tobacco oil contains different numbers of PG and VG. These base fluids affect consistency, taste, flavor, and throat.

We widely introduced this theme in other articles about electronic smoke oil mixtures, but there is a quick brief description here.
The Asian chasing clouds tend to use high VG juice because they will produce more steam, but sometimes they will generate these clouds at the expense of flavor.
The VG of the cloud and mist has almost no taste, and it is smooth, but it does not carry the taste like a thinner PG component.
PG usually brings more taste, but it also causes more sore throats. Therefore, please pay attention to keeping nicotine at a low level to prevent your throat from being stimulated.

Mixed 50/50 electronic liquid (half and half) can become an ideal choice for standard electronic cigarette users because it finds a happy medium between taste and steam. People in anything-2.5Ω coil in electronic cigarettes. For more flavor but slightly harsh electronic cigarettes, consider using 70%PG electronic oil.
It must be remembered that sometimes, no matter how hard you try to increase or improve the flavor, the juice you have cannot be comparable to your settings. This may be due to the type of power output or the middle coil of the water tank. Without any simple answer, it is a repeated test.

Adjust the power settings
If you have any type of variable device, simply adjust your settings to the simplest and most effective way to change the taste and taste of the electronic liquid.
Because different seasonings in the juice evaporate at different temperatures, you will find that different flavor elements will appear under different voltage/wattage (or temperature) settings. Your settings are determined by the resistance and temperature of the coil with the resistance of the coil.
Always start from lower settings, and then gradually improve until the so -called “best position”. All electronic oil flavors have their unique sweet spots, so when you start trying new flavors, please take some time to test.

It helps start with electronic liquid mixture that is usually the most suitable for the type of coils in the fuel tank, which means that if you use a standard coil, or if you use a sub-coil, please choose the less thick electronic liquid mixture-Ohm Coils, avoid very thin liquid.

For the vast majority of liquids, you may find that it really shines at 30W, and you may expect another kind of liquid to be amazing in a similar range, but you will find that it takes off at 20W. This repeated test is part of the “fun” of electronic cigarette!

If you have a temperature control device (with a coil suitable for TC mode), you have an extra advantage, because you can control the temperature, which means that you control the temperature of the coil, and the heat in the coil will affect the influence of the coil affecting smell. Similarly, you only need to test your settings, start from the low -end, and gradually find the best position.

Adjust the airflow
Many electronic cigarette users underestimate the importance of adjusting the airflow in terms of taste. Generally speaking, when there are more air through the tray, the steam will not be so strong, but it will produce a lot of steam, but it will reduce the taste.

Those who pursue more taste should try to gradually turn off the airflow. Assuming you have one, not all the devices do so. The less the air passes, the higher the density and temperature of the steam, and the stronger the taste. If you close the airflow too small, it will reduce the steam, but it may also make it hotter than you want.

The type or design of the airflow will affect the flavor
In addition to the amount of air flowing, the position of the airflow hole will be different.
Many pores on many water tanks allow air to enter the side of the coil. This is very good, but it does not always work like the air under the coil. Then the air will reach the mouth suction and usually improve the taste.

The core suction material in the coil will affect the taste
The core suction materials and wires in the coil do affect the taste of fruit juice.
The coil is a small part of the tank where the liquid is located, and its role is to heat it rapidly when needed.
The silica material used to be the standard light core in the coil, but cotton, ceramics and mesh cores are now popular because it helps enhance the taste.
Inside the coil, a variety of different types of metal wires are comfortably placed with the core, including Kanthal, stainless steel, nickel and titanium. Kanthal is the most commonly used metal wire, giving a clean flavor. With the introduction of temperature control, nickel (NI200), stainless steel and titanium have appeared. Nickel is as good as Kanthal in terms of flavor, but you may find that some stainless steel and titanium coils show a slight metal flavor.

Musch enrichment/dripping style and size
The size and shape of the bite can affect the taste you experience, although it is not as important as adjusting the airflow or setting. Those who want to produce steam clouds tend to use large caliber (larger/wider hole) cigarette holders. This cigarette rips aims to produce more breathable electronic cigarettes. If you want more steam and cooler electronic cigarettes This is very good, but if you want more taste, it won’t work.
If you use a water tank with a large -caliber sucking/drip, you can try to replace it with a standard narrow -caliber suction to improve your taste. Don’t expect a big difference, but it can bring some differences.

You can soak/breathe your juice
In fact, many times, as long as the fresh fruit juice is left in the water tank for a while, it will change the taste. Although most tastes can be used directly, they usually benefit from this “breathing” or “soaking” process.

Make sure your battery has enough power/electricity
When your battery power is insufficient, the taste will weaken because it does not fully heating the juice, so when your battery LED flashs and indicates that the power is insufficient, please use the appropriate charger to charge it.
In addition, the output of some standards (non -variable) batteries is larger than other batteries, that is, more currents/power output than other batteries, which will also affect the taste, because the juice is heated to different temperatures again.

Old or blocked coils
When the coil is close to the service life or blockage, you may feel the taste fade, and/or have a burning sensation or bitter taste.