Progress in the Development of the Smoke-Free Generation Policy Welcomed by the Northern Ireland Public Health Agency

On October 4th, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) in the United Kingdom unveiled a directive titled “Stopping the Start: Our Plan for a Smoke-Free Generation.” This initiative aims to prevent harm caused by smoking to future generations by creating the first-ever ‘smoke-free generation.’ The Public Health Agency (PHA) in Northern Ireland has welcomed this development and is actively encouraging public participation in a nationwide consultation to gather diverse perspectives on the matter.


The DHSC’s recent announcement marks a significant step forward in the pursuit of a healthier, smoke-free future. The initiative recognizes the urgent need to address the harms associated with smoking and aims to implement measures that will protect the health of generations to come. The focus on creating a ‘smoke-free generation’ underscores the commitment to reducing the prevalence of smoking-related illnesses and promoting overall well-being.

The PHA in Northern Ireland has expressed its support for this initiative and views the nationwide public consultation as a valuable opportunity for individuals of all ages to contribute their insights. The consultation, titled ‘Creating a Smoke-Free Generation and Addressing Youth E-Cigarette Use: Your Views,’ serves as a platform for the people of Northern Ireland to actively engage in shaping the policies that will affect their communities.

Encouraging Participation:

The PHA is actively encouraging individuals across Northern Ireland to participate in the consultation process by submitting their feedback and opinions. Regardless of age, every voice is crucial in understanding the diverse perspectives and concerns related to smoking and youth e-cigarette use. The input gathered through this process will play a pivotal role in shaping the final policies that will guide the nation towards a healthier, smoke-free future.

By actively involving the public, the PHA and DHSC aim to ensure that the policies reflect the needs and concerns of the people they are designed to protect. The collective input will contribute to the development of effective strategies to tackle smoking-related issues and youth e-cigarette use in Northern Ireland.


The progress made in the development of the Smoke-Free Generation policy is a commendable step toward creating a healthier and safer environment for future generations. The Northern Ireland Public Health Agency’s endorsement of the initiative and its call for public participation in the consultation highlight the collaborative effort needed to address the complex challenges posed by smoking and youth e-cigarette use.

As individuals in Northern Ireland share their perspectives through the consultation, they actively contribute to shaping policies that will have a lasting impact on public health. By working together, the nation can strive towards a smoke-free future, where the well-being of all citizens is prioritized, and the harmful effects of smoking are minimized for generations to come.

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