President of the Mexican Senate: Discussion of a recreational marijuana bill will begin in Feb 2024

In Feb 2024, Mexico will discuss interesting cannabis use, but the Senate faces some unresolved issues, such as setting up a regulatory authority and establishing a minimum consumption age.

According to a Jan 3 report in Publimetros, AnaLiliaRivera, president of the Mexican Senate, said that it is likely that the Mexican Senate will take up “the marijuana bill and the interesting use of marijuana” in the next chamber.


Rivera is confident that fun marijuana use and some other legislative issues lagging in the Senate, such as the overall water bill, will be taken up during the next chamber, starting Feb. 1, 2024. The Senate president predicted that “the discussion about marijuana will be very complicated because there is still a social bias against its use in our country.”


Although the Mexican National Supreme Court of Mexico (SCJN) overturned the ban on recreational consumption of cannabis on June 28, 2021, in March of the same year, the Chamber of Deputies passed a reform package that includes its industrial use and research purposes, aimed at regulating the use of cannabis. Since then, however, no progress has been made on legislation in the Senate.


This reform includes granting the National Commission Against Addiction (Conadic) control over cannabis and issuing various licenses. However, senators have yet to resolve some outstanding issues, such as the creation of a regulatory authority to sell marijuana seeds commercially and the determination of a minimum age of consumption.


On this issue, a statement by the Councillor of the National Movement for Renewal (Morena) offers more possible legal regulations to open the way for the legalization of the recreational use of cannabis in Mexico.