Police in Darlington, UK, have seized nearly 500 vapes with excessive nicotine levels

Police in Darlington, UK, joined forces with the city government to seize counterfeit cigarettes and overly strong vapes, a total of 1,269 packets of cigarettes, 250 packets of hand-rolled cigarettes, and nearly 500 over-strength vapes were seized.


According to British media the Northern Echo, Darlington City Trading Standards Bureau, and city inspectors assisted the police in joint enforcement.


During the operation, two vehicles were found that were used to hide containers of illegal goods.


All of these businesses were found to be using advanced concealment techniques to store illicit tobacco and vapes. Some things are hard to find without the support of Griff, Bran, and Cooper (a cigarette search dog from BWYCanine).


Shaun Trevor Darlington, head of the council’s trading standards team, said: “If you are selling illegal vapes or tobacco, especially to children, expect us to check.”


At the same time, he also said that further action will be taken to stop the circulation of these illegal goods in Darlington, and will continue to have zero tolerance for this illegal trade.


The sale of a total of 1269 packs of tobacco, 250 packs of hand cigarettes, and nearly 500 cigarettes of tar concentration exceeded the standard of electronic cigarettes, one of which can absorb 9,000 or 10,000, far more than the legal limit of 600.