Police have seized more than £55,000 of illegal tobacco products from a shop in Rayland, UK

A highly organized illegal tobacco shop with a street value of $55,000 has been seized in Rayland, UK. Previously, 1,800 illegal goods were seized at the store in 2023.


According to a recent BBC report, British police seized $55,000 worth of illegal tobacco products, including tobacco, hand-rolled cigarettes, and vaping, at a store in Leyland.


The store was raided in November 2023 and a total of 1,800 illegal items were seized, including £5,000 in cash. Lancashire Constabulary said Trading Standards would conduct a further investigation into the matter.


Lancashire Police added that during the search in SouthRibble, a community policing team working with Trading Standards successfully seized 1,611 packs of illegal cigarette products. Trading Standards officer Dane Robinson stressed that his team “cannot tolerate the exploitation of young people in Lancashire by unscrupulous businesses and will continue to take firm action”.


Dane Robinson further stated that they “obtained 1,611 packs of tobacco, handmade cigarettes, and vapes from this strictly organized Raylan store.” This makes it safer for children in the local community because selling these items fuels addiction.”


According to the report, the seizure was part of OperationCenturion, an opportunity for police to crack down on anti-social behavior.