Poland changes law to restrict vapes. Fines range from 220 to 580 euros

According to Polish media reported on November 23, Poland’s “Administrative Violations Act” related amendments have been approved by the Parliament, with 96 votes approved and 1 abstention.


At present, everyone in Poland can sell vapes and their utensils, especially when children share these items, which is difficult for those involved to track. According to the amendment, the sale of e-cigarettes will be regulated by law, similar to the treatment of traditional vapes.


LinasSlu Slunys, a member of the Addiction Prevention Committee, said:

“Children will no longer be allowed to buy these goods and no one should sell them.”


On the other hand, he stressed that illegal acts by adults will also be seriously investigated and punished. “Although it is not easy to change some established traditions, as China, we know very well what we cannot accept,” he said.


According to the amendment, the sale, transfer, or sale of cigarette products or related products (including vapes) to minors will be fined 220 to 320 euros (about 1,700 to 2,500 yuan). Repeated violators will be fined between 320 and 580 euros.


According to reports, the current fines for administrative violations range from 30 to 280 euros. At the same time, new provisions have been added to the administrative violation code to clarify liability for the sale of e-cigarettes and cigarette products outside the point of sale and food and beverage establishments. Such acts are punishable by a fine of 220 to 580 euros.


For all illegal operations, cigarette products or related products will be seized accordingly. Linus Slushnis said this would penalize people who sell vapes without permission, such as retailers.