PML Builds Professional Field Team to Promote Iqos Iluma Device in UK

PML, a leading electronic cigarette manufacturer, has announced plans to assemble a professional field team to promote its new Iqos Iluma device in stores across the UK. The company aims to create a team of over 150 people who will reach out to 10,000 convenience retail stores and professional e-cigarette shops across the country. In addition, PML will leverage the help of 100 brand ambassadors to boost promotion efforts. The company also plans to relaunch its digital trade engagement platform to support its promotional efforts.

The Iqos Iluma device uses electromagnetic heating technology to heat tobacco, providing a unique and alternative experience for smokers who are looking to switch to e-cigarettes. By promoting this technology, PML hopes to increase awareness of its products and encourage more smokers to make the switch to e-cigarettes.

The establishment of a professional field team is a smart move by PML, as it will help the company reach a wider audience and generate more interest in its products. By leveraging the help of brand ambassadors and digital platforms, PML can build a stronger brand image and increase its visibility in the market.

Overall, PML’s efforts to promote its Iqos Iluma device in the UK are a positive sign for the e-cigarette industry. As more consumers seek out alternatives to traditional tobacco products, companies like PML will have an opportunity to expand their market share and contribute to the growth of the industry.