Philip Morris International is Set to Release a New Cartridge for IQOS ILUMA in Japan on August 21st

Recently, Philip Morris Japan announced the launch of a new flavor for its IQOS ILUMA heated tobacco product. The flavor, called “TEREA Black Red Mint,” offers a floral and minty taste.

Starting from August 21st, this new flavor will be gradually introduced at sales points across Japan, including IQOS stores (until August 2023), IQOS shops (some Yamada Denki stores), IQOS zones (some Don Quijote stores), and convenience stores. The price for a pack of 20 sticks of this flavor is set at 580 Japanese yen.

Consumers will also be able to purchase the TEREA Black Red Mint flavor from the official IQOS online store starting from August 31st.

Furthermore, with the introduction of TEREA Black Red Mint, the TEREA product line will now offer a total of 21 different flavors, showcasing its diverse range of options for consumers.