Philip Morris International destroys €5 million worth of Finnish self-extinguishing tobacco bills

Recently, Ice News reported that cigarette giant Philip Morris was forced to destroy 5 million euros worth of merchandise due to a legislative change in Finland, which requires all cigarettes sold in Finland to be automatically extinct.


This illegal tobacco (Ekokem) burning kilns were burned in Richmakiekoken, about 70 kilometers north of Helsinki. Philip Morris Finland said in a statement that the mass burning caused huge property damage, with 20 million tobacco turned to ash.

Finland has become the first European country to pass a law mandating that all tobacco sold in the country be self-extinguishing. The measure means that all other types of tobacco goods have been banned from sale in Finland since April 1 last year.


To reduce the large number of accidental fires caused by smoking, it was changed to suicide tobacco – the leading cause of deadly fires in the country. People falling asleep while smoking or throwing lit tobacco in the trash are the most common cases. The Finnish government believes the move could save up to 20 lives a year.


In continental Europe, Finland has become the first country to pass a security law. Similar laws are in place in many parts of Australia, Canada, and the United States.