Open vapes’ tax costs rise as Slovenian disposable goes mainstream

According to Vaporvoiceon August 27, Vaporvoice published an article about visiting the local e-cigarette market in Slovenia in the European Union, visiting distributors vape on and vape, and the main findings are as follows:

· Disposable e-cigarettes are a mainstream product in Slovenia.

· Slovenia will pay 18 euro cents (about 1.3 yuan) per milliliter of cigarette oil, and 4.5 euro cents (about 36 yuan) more for a small bottle of 25ml cigarette oil. ; The same tax rate is levied on zero-cent goods. Coupled with VAT, the price of open e-cigarettes has risen sharply, making disposable e-cigarettes a more cost-effective commodity.

· In Slovenia, laws and regulations prohibit the sale of premixed flavors. A 60ml bottle of its own brand of liquid costs 19 euros (about 150 yuan). However, this liquid contains no tobacco tar and no flavorings. Customers need to purchase their own tobacco tar and spices to prepare their own tastes.

· “E-cigarettes in Slovenia,” cafes, “e-cigarettes” and “bars” continue to emerge.

VAPEX stores sell HHC goods (legal alternatives to cannabis and THC), mainly gummy candies or herbs. However, HCC cannot be sold publicly. The shopkeeper will sell it only if the customer asks to buy it.

· The owner of the VAPEX introduced the laws and regulations of e-cigarettes in Croatia. Unlike Slovenia, Croatia’s laws and regulations are similar to those of Germany. If Germany decides to restrict or control the taste, Croatia could follow suit, the owner said.