Oman strengthens anti-vape measures: The maximum fine is raised to $2,600

Oman’s Consumer Protection Bureau has decided to ban the circulation of e-cigarettes and hookahs, increase fines for illegal sales, and strengthen the embargo regulations and fine regime.


According to Omanobserver, the chairman of the Oman Consumer Protection Authority (CPA), Salim Bin Ali Hakamani, recently banned the circulation of vapes, hookahs, and accessories by decision No. 756/2023.


The decision also mentions penalties for those who violate the decision, including an administrative fine of no more than 1,000 Omani riyals (about $2,600).


For repeated violations, the fine will be doubled. If the violation continues, the offender will be subject to an administrative fine of 50 Omani rials per day, up to 2,000 Omani Rials.


Oman Consumer Protection Authority (CPA) e-cigarettes, hookahs, and their accessories will be destroyed.


Decision No. 698/2015 bans the circulation of vapes and water pipes with a penalty of 500 Omani rials, raising the fine to 1,000 Omani rials. At the same time, if the violation is repeated, the fine amount will be reduced from the original 100 Omani riyals to 50 Omani riyals.