Ochoa to pay another $3.2 million in settlement with school district

On August 24, the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) in Tucson, Arizona, announced that it had reached a settlement with O’Chia that could result in $3.2 million in mediation funds. Previously, the school district reached a settlement of approximately $10 million with Juul as part of the same class action lawsuit.

Dr. RaviShah, TUSD President, said:

“Our staff has spent a great deal of time on testimony, data, and other aspects that demonstrate the impact of Juul and Altria …… and their impact on our school district.”

The school district will begin receiving the money at the end of this year and will continue to receive the remainder of the mediation fee in future years. The school district’s attorney will receive £25 percent of the settlement amount. After deductions, the school district will be left with about $10.3 million from the two mediations.

Ravi hopes that every penny of this money will help our students treat addictions and meet their mental health needs. He noted that the district already has programs in place to guide students, but the additional funds will help them further.

Previously, AltriaGroup This means paying at least $235 million for 6,000 lawsuits.