Norwegian health authority proposes ban on flavored vape

According to Norwegian news outlet MojaNorwegia reported on July 2, the Norwegian health department submitted a bill to regulate e-cigarettes due to the increase in young people using e-cigarettes in the EU.

The bill includes

A ban on adding flavors other than tobacco flavor to e-cigarette vapor. The proposal is based on similar principles already in place in countries such as Finland and Denmark.
Standards requiring the use of standard packaging for e-cigarettes and similar products. The proposal is based on similar provisions already in place in countries such as Denmark and the Netherlands.

In addition to this, the health department is proposing minor changes to the law, such as clarifying the restrictions on smoking to accommodate the many new tobacco products that are appearing on the market, explicitly banning the visible display of tobacco products, and introducing consistency to ensure consistency with existing regulations.


The state introduced the bill on June 9. It will be considered by the Congressional Health Committee, and the amended statute will take effect after passage by Congress.