Norway Takes a Bold Step: Banning Flavored Tobacco Products

In a groundbreaking move, Norway is set to become the last European country to prohibit the sale of menthol cigarettes and flavored tobacco products, including bead-filtered cigarettes, by 2024. Additionally, the country will also extend its restrictions to flavored electronic cigarettes. This decision marks a significant shift in Norway’s tobacco market policies, as it transitions away from allowing the sale of menthol and bead-filtered cigarettes.


Norway has been one of the few European countries that still permitted the sale of menthol cigarettes and bead-filtered tobacco products. However, this landscape is poised to change entirely as of the upcoming year. The ban on flavored cigarettes, both traditional and electronic, signifies a departure from the existing tobacco market norms in Norway. The prohibition of menthol cigarettes has been in the works for quite some time, originally outlined as part of the European Union Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), with Norway’s commitment to implement the rule in 2021. Nevertheless, due to obstacles faced within the EU and other nations, the plan was forced to be delayed.


The Norwegian Ministry of Health and Social Services anticipates the ban to take effect in 2024, though the exact date has not yet been finalized. This regulatory change aligns with a broader global trend aimed at curbing the appeal of flavored tobacco products, especially those that are popular among younger demographics.


With the impending ban on menthol and bead-filtered cigarettes, Norway is taking a proactive stance against flavored tobacco, aligning itself with health-driven initiatives seen in various parts of the world. The decision is driven by a recognition of the potential health risks associated with flavored tobacco products and aims to discourage smoking, particularly among the youth.

Furthermore, the restriction on flavored electronic cigarettes means that only tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes or supplements will be permitted in the market. This move reflects an effort to address concerns about the attractiveness of flavored vaping products to younger individuals, ultimately working towards creating a less enticing environment for potential smokers.


Norway’s decision to ban menthol and bead-filtered cigarettes, along with flavored electronic cigarettes, signifies a pivotal moment in the nation’s approach to tobacco regulation. As the last European country to implement such restrictions, Norway joins a global movement to mitigate the appeal of flavored tobacco products and protect public health. The effectiveness of this ban will be closely monitored, offering valuable insights for other countries considering similar measures in their ongoing efforts to combat tobacco-related health issues.

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