New York State SWAT teams work together to crack down on minors buying and selling vapes

Operation Smoke Up cracked down on underage smokers, and New York State police began the New Year by arresting several individuals suspected of selling vapes to minors. In addition, 10 people in New York State were voted the worst place to live.


According to WGNA1’s report on October 4, at the beginning of the New Year, police in New York State arrested several people suspected of selling flavor brands to minors.


According to New York State officials, they launched an operation called “Smog” in the week before the New Year. The operation was conducted in Oneida County by a special task force of SWAT and uniformed officers from the Violent Gang and Drug Unit. The operation was rooted in the rising use of e-cigarettes among students in the district school district, so police began to take action. In New York, it is prohibited to sell tar or tobacco products to anyone under the age of 21.


In response, state police and local law enforcement agencies are working together to reduce e-cigarette purchases by youth.


Of the six inspected convenience stores, three were compliant, while the other three stores and related sales staff were also unable to comply and will therefore face penalties.


According to the Onida State Police Department, the following individuals and related businesses were arrested and found to have committed violations during this operation.


Local and community leaders praised the state police and other law enforcement agencies for their commitment and vigilance in vigorously protecting youth. In New York State, you must be at least 21 years old to purchase any cigarettes or tobacco and tar products.