New Louisiana Law Threatens Vape Product Availability

In the coming weeks, vapers in Louisiana may find fewer options on the shelves due to a new state law aimed at regulating nicotine products. Effective November 1, this law mandates that every vapor product manufacturer must register their products with the Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission. Any product not approved will be illegal to sell in the state.From MeKesse disposable vape brands research.

The impact of this law is substantial, not only for vape enthusiasts but also for local businesses. Bilal Wardariya, the owner of Lit Vape and Smoke, expressed his concerns, stating, “Every store will take about a 30, 40% hit. It will impact us not only through sales but also through payroll, keeping up with our expenses, different things like that will definitely affect business in a worse way than we could imagine.”

The legislation originated from a bill that tripled the vape tax in the state. However, many, including Wardariya, believe that this law takes regulation too far. He added, “I think this vape ban negatively impacts the state in many different ways, not just people, but the state itself because we give so much tax revenue. As a whole, I’d like to see this thing get resolved and hopefully, we can still sell and keep the same process we’ve been having for many many years.”

Other vape shops in the area share similar concerns. They predict that the law will not only affect their businesses but also have consequences for the state and its residents. Joshua Snyder, the manager of Smoke 360, pointed out, “We pay thousands of dollars in taxes between all of our stores, so they’re going to lose that, and it affects our customers because a lot of them genuinely need this to stop smoking cigarettes and stuff.”

As the new law takes effect, Louisiana is grappling with a complex issue that touches on business viability, state revenue, and the potential well-being of its residents who rely on vaping as a smoking cessation tool. The outcome remains uncertain, and the debate surrounding this regulation continues.

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