New Knowledge: Unspoken Rules of Vaping Etiquette

Is there a proper way to vape? Yes! Unfortunately, some people have negative opinions about vaping. This unfavorable reputation is largely the result of dishonest vapers. Even those who were considerate smokers can develop negative vaping habits that degrade the activity.

Do not worry! We’ll go through some unwritten vape etiquette guidelines that you should abide by. Some of these are implicit since they ought to be clear. Others are beneficial methods for educating non-vapers about the advantages of vaping and how it differs from smoking. Here are them:

Don’t blow vapor into people’s faces

Despite the fact that it is only water vapor, many individuals dislike having it blasted in their face. Sadly, some impolite people cite this as evidence that they are not smokers. Similar to how you would smoke a cigarette, direct your vapor away from other people. This is not something even other vapers would like!


Don’t stealth vape

Even in situations where it is prohibited, some vapers attempt to sneak a puff whenever they can. They defend it using the water vapor justification. But if vaping is to become widely accepted, we must abide by the current regulations. Avoid inhaling where it is forbidden.


Avoid vaping near children

The majority of parents dislike smoking near their kids. Even if vaping is safer, how would you explain that to a parent who has never tried it? It is best to avoid vaping around kids, not only to calm the parents, but also to prevent them from being interested in vaping before it is permitted for them to do so.


Don’t criticize cigarette smokers

Although there are many advantages to vaping versus smoking, especially if you use it to obtain nicotine, this should not be used as a justification for criticizing smokers. Smokers and vapers must coexist in the same areas. Instead of criticizing their smoking or making remarks about how much better vaping is, let curiosity be what draws people to it.


Avoid conflicting with people who are opposed to vaping

The newest kids on the street are vapers. We can anticipate some amount of harassment until more people are informed about vaping. Find another place to vape if someone nicely asks you to put your vape kit away. If we can prevent disagreements, people will eventually have a better understanding of the vaping community as a whole, even though it may first be frustrating.


Inform and educate people about vaping

And finally, one positive thing! Keeping the above in mind, if people are interested in your vape kit, do your best to educate them about it. Vaping kits are still not exactly common, so it’s up to you as an early adopter to spread the word about the benefits of vaping over smoking. It’s a great way to expand vaping culture into the mainstream.

These are all simple things we can do to improve the image of vaping and vape culture. If we follow these rules, acceptance of our hobby will rise. And that’s good for everyone involved.