National Tobacco Administration (NTA): Continuously Optimize Regulation and Service Methods to Promote the Smooth and Healthy Operation of the E-Cigarette Industry

On August 2, Secretary of the Party Group and Director General of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STPA), Zhang Jianmin, conducted a survey on the legalization and standardization of the e-cigarette industry in Shenzhen.


At the same time, Zhang conducted research on some e-cigarette manufacturing enterprises, visited some e-cigarette retail customers, and learned about the production and regulation of e-cigarettes in Shenzhen.


Zhang Jianmin: Continuously optimize the regulation and service model to promote the stable and healthy operation of the e-cigarette industry
Zhang Jianmin visited e-cigarette retail customers|Photo by: Oriental Tobacco News Li Xiaoming Photography

Zhang Jianmin fully affirmed the effectiveness of the Shenzhen Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (STB) in promoting the legalized and standardized governance of the e-cigarette industry. He pointed out that the Party Group of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau deeply implements the deployment requirements of the Party Group of the State Bureau, adheres to the law to strengthen the supervision of e-cigarettes, actively guides e-cigarettes companies to operate legally, effectively standardizes the market order of e-cigarettes, and pushes the governance of Shenzhen’s e-cigarettes industry to enter into the legalized and standardized track in a comprehensive manner.


In the next step of work, Zhang put forward three requirements: First, conscientiously implement the spirit of the national e-cigarette company management discussion teleconference, in-depth implementation of the e-cigarette industry legalization and standardization of governance requirements, and continue to consolidate and deepen the achievements of the regulation of e-cigarettes, and strive to promote the stable and healthy operation of the e-cigarette industry. Secondly, we should fully implement the purpose of national legislation, adhere to market orientation, strengthen service guarantee, continuously improve the system mechanism, continuously optimize the supervision and service mode, crack down on all kinds of e-cigarettes’ illegal and irregular behaviors, and create a good environment for the stable and healthy operation of e-cigarettes industry. Thirdly, we will further improve the institutional setup, strengthen team building, and team building


The person in charge of the Office of the State Administration (Foreign Affairs Division), the Development and Planning Division, and the Electronic Cigarette Management Office participated in the survey.