MCKESSE VAPE Launches New Disposable Vape – 6000 PUFFS

MCKESSE has introduced a brand new MK SUPER MAX 6000, a premium vape like no other that is dedicated to giving vapers the perfect, long-lasting smoke experience. Not only that, the excellent R&D department has infused the MK SUPER MAX 6000 with more than 20 blended flavors to bring surprise and satisfaction with every puff. It is believed that this innovative vape will soon become a market leader and be loved by smokers all over the world.

The MK SUPER MAX 6000 is one of the most vaped vapes on the market today, and its unique design and features make it stand out from its competitors. Its extra-large battery 1500mAh and high-quality heater (Mesh Coil) ensure that every puff is full of rich flavor and lasts up to 6,000 puffs, giving smokers a very long vaping experience. Without recharging, the MK SUPER MAX 6000 can fulfill your smoking needs for many days.

Not only that but in order to satisfy the different needs of many smokers, MK SUPERMAX 6000 has invested a lot of effort in the development of flavor blends. MK SUPER MAX 6000 can offer you a wide variety of choices, no matter whether you like fruity, sweet, refreshing, or classic flavors. It comes in sweet and sour fruit flavors, rich chocolate flavors, cool mint flavors, and classic mild multi-fruit blends to satisfy the taste buds on your tongue.

The smoke flavor of MK SUPER MAX 6000 is definitely your reward. Smokeless combustion with no leakage issues delivers a thick smoke with every puff. The unique heating system perfectly heats the oil to the optimal temperature to ensure that the smoke has a delicate flavor without irritation. Every smoke is like a luxurious flavor feast that makes you feel like you are in a world of smoke.

In addition to MK SUPER MAX 6000’s unique design and rich smoke flavor, its high-quality ingredients are also worth mentioning. MK SUPER MAX 6000 selects high-quality, top-quality, domestically-manufactured vape oils, and all of its ingredients undergo rigorous screening and quality control to ensure that smokers enjoy an authentic and safe smoking experience. Every drop of the oil reflects the ingenuity and originality of the R&D team, allowing you to not only relax but also feel the unique charm of the oil’s natural origin.

The exterior design of MK SUPER MAX 6000 is also worth mentioning, stylish and elegant. It is made of PC grade plastic shell + steel tube inside and stainless steel cover at the bottom. It is not only anti-drop and wear-resistant but also gives a sense of high class. The color gradient to dazzling. MK SUPER MAX 600 has a delightful texture that will make you a fashionista.

It is now available!