Man handed three-year football ban for throwing vape onto Elland Road pitch during Leeds United match


During a Leeds United vs. Watford match on September 23, Daniel Bull, 27, frustrated by a denied penalty kick, shocked everyone by tossing his e-cigarette onto the pitch. This reckless action not only disrupted the game but also posed a significant risk to the match officials and players. MeKesse disposable vape brands research.

The e-cigarette, hurled by Bull, landed in the penalty area, dangerously close to the referee and players. In a moment of pure chaos, the referee had to swiftly step back to avoid being hit by the flying e-cigarette. After it finally came to rest on the field, the referee picked it up, and the match resumed.

Daniel Bull, a resident of Woodall Lane, Harthill in South Yorkshire, found himself in hot water for his thoughtless act. On November 1, he appeared before Leeds magistrates to face the consequences of his actions. The court ordered Bull to pay a £90 fine, cover £85 in costs, and shoulder a £56 surcharge. As if that weren’t enough, he was also handed a three-year Football Banning Order. In addition, Bull received an extra £50 fine for failing to appear in court when initially summoned in October.

Chief Superintendent Russell Hughes, who was responsible for policing the match, did not mince words in condemning Bull’s behavior. He stressed that this criminal behavior is absolutely unacceptable, endangering officials and players. West Yorkshire Police treats such incidents seriously, collaborating with clubs to investigate offenses and seeking Football Banning Orders to prevent future incidents.

In a sport where emotions run high, it is vital for fans to remember that their actions have consequences. Disrupting a football match with reckless behavior not only tarnishes the image of the sport but also endangers the safety of those involved. The case of Daniel Bull serves as a stark reminder that hooliganism has no place in the beautiful game, and authorities are prepared to take swift and decisive action to maintain order and safety in football stadiums.

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