Malaysian vapes flavor preferences change from cream to refreshing fruit flavors

As the Malaysian e-cigarette market shifts from open-ended to disposable, customers’ tastes have also changed. On August 11, the head of VAULTVAPE, a local Malaysian e-cigarette brand, was interviewed for the first of two times at the vape exhibition Mavis, saying that Malaysian e-cigarette viewers can be basically divided into two categories. One is Chinese, who prefer cold flavors; Malaysian locals have sweeter tastes.

Hafiidzzu, CEO of the Mavis exhibition organizers, adds to this. He pointed out that there has been a gradual shift in the tastes of Malaysian customers from creamy to cool, fruity flavors.

According to Hafiidzzu, Chinese manufacturers are adept at adapting their products to local preferences, allowing the tobacco oils they produce to fit seamlessly into the Malaysian market. The success of these flavor adjustments has been a huge challenge for local Malaysian tobacco oil manufacturers. They are now faced with the task of innovating and responding to changing consumer demands.

In 2018 and 2019, Malaysia became a hub for e-cigarette flavor diversification and is known as one of the markets with the most e-cigarette flavors. The market predominantly prefers creamy flavors, which makes e-cigarettes in Malaysia unique. However, the industry changed dramatically as Chinese factories adapted to global flavors. When consumers became disposable e-cigarettes, most preferred sweet and cool fruit flavors.