Louisiana, USA, announces “e-cigarette white list” including JUUL, Vuse

Albay Representative Joey Sarte Salceda, who heads the committee, announced the initiation of an investigation following the raid of a warehouse on October 27. This facility was found to house illegally imported e-cigarettes carrying deceptive labels. The confiscated products from the operation amounted to a staggering P1.43 billion, with Salceda approximating that about P728 million may be attributed to unpaid excise taxes.

During the raid, authorities seized 1.4 million units of 10mL disposable vape pods. Salceda highlighted that there are indications suggesting a deliberate misdeclaration of the products, labeling them as freebase vape instead of salt nicotine. The distinction is crucial because salt nicotine is subject to a higher tax rate under Republic Act 11467, with a levy of P52 per milliliter, as opposed to P60 per 10 mL for freebase.

“We have received reports of independent testing which appears to confirm that one of FLAVA’s products, Chillax, contains high concentrations of nicotine salts. If that is the case, then they have been paying just about one-tenth of what they should be paying in excise taxes for those products,” Salceda said.

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