Lithuanian Parliament passes amended bill to control vape products

On June 6, the Lithuanian Parliament successfully passed an amendment to the Law on the Control of Tobacco, Tobacco Products and Related Products, with 112 deputies voting in favor of its adoption, 5 deputies voting against it and 6 abstaining. This amendment will be further considered on June 20.


Vytautas Kernagis, who sponsored the amendment, said the move is aimed at curbing retailers selling e-cigarettes and related accessories who are looking for ways to get around the ban. According to him, flavored cigarettes and tobacco oils contain sugar or sweeteners to enhance the taste, and these ingredients can be detected by a Lithuanian laboratory.


Kornagis said that the ban on e-cigarette flavors issued about a year ago has been ignored by the product, and that the regulator sent e-cigarettes to Denmark for testing in order to prove it, and sellers of such products were unhappy with the test results.


The market is currently banned from supplying e-cigarette vape oil that contains vitamins or health hazards. The importation of cigarettes and e-cigarette oils containing caffeine, taurine, and other stimulants is restricted. It is also prohibited to contain coloring agents in vaping oils to avoid the release of harmful substances.