Lithuanian deputies voted highly in favor of the vape flavor ban proposed to take effect in May next year

The Lithuanian government’s proposed amendment to the Law on the Control of Tobacco, Tobacco Products and Related Products was supported by 63 members of parliament, with two opposed and five abstaining, and is currently awaiting a final decision, Lithuanian news outlet lrytas. lt reported on June 29.


The amendment aims to ban flavored e-cigarette products and is scheduled to take effect on May 1 next year.

MP Ieva Kačinskaitė-Urbonienė, who strongly opposes the amendment, believes that it is an inappropriate measure and that such a ban will not solve children’s health problems.

Another MP AurelijusVeryga (AurelijusVeryga) does not think so. In his opinion, manufacturers are well aware that flavoring additives in e-cigarettes can be attractive to consumers, and a legal ban on flavoring agents is logical and in line with EU law.

MP Vytautas Bakas expressed dissatisfaction with the effective date of the amendment, which in his opinion should be brought forward to November 1 of this year.


Antanas Matulas, chairman of the Congressional Committee on Health Affairs, cautioned against any suspicion of bad intentions for the amendment and determined that an earlier entry into force of the amendment was also possible.