Lack of Regulation on New-generation Cigarettes Prompts Call for Legislation by Vietnamese Experts

Vietnamese government, along with experts in health and technology sectors, deeply discussed the current situation of vape and public health protection.From MeKesse disposable vape brands research.

They interpret that the novelty and variety of new-generation cigarettes attract youth, particularly teenagers. A survey among 13-15-year-olds showed 60% received e-cigarettes as gifts, 20% bought them, and 2% got them from peers.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Commercial Industry and Food Industry emphasized that illegal sales of new cigarettes not only cost the country tax revenue but also endanger public health. He added that prohibiting legal tobacco would be challenging, urging a joint effort to prevent illegal circulation, protecting public health and national interests.

Currently, 184 countries have regulations governing heated tobacco. Out of these, 28 countries, including the USA, UK, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, have set rules for e-cigarettes. With 184 countries banning or regulating new tobacco products, Vietnam should not remain excluded.

The forum aims to provide comprehensive legislative suggestions concerning new tobacco with the ultimate goal of safeguarding public health. Currently, Vietnam lacks specific regulations for new tobacco, with no clear identification of banned exports or imports and no inclusion in exemption or registration of import and export items.

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