Kyrgyzstan bans vape and heating non-combustible products without a tax label

On June 29, the press service of the State Tax Service of Kyrgyzstan issued a statement that, according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of February 22, 2022, from July 1, 2023, the State Tax Service of Kyrgyzstan prohibits the circulation of goods that are not marked with excise duties.
Circulation of the following goods not marked with excise duty will be prohibited:

Beer (bulk and packaged) is classified under the goods code HS 2203
Nicotine-containing tobacco oil placed for use in e-cigarettes (HS 2404)
Disposable e-cigarettes containing vape oil (HS 2404)
Electronic cigarettes and similar personal electronic atomization devices for the delivery of nicotine (HS 8543 40 0000)
Heatable tobacco products (HS 2404)

For unmarked but required markings, fines will be imposed for failure to print the excise mark or identification mark on the merchandise and/or packaging during manufacture, importation, introduction, storage, and sale, or for violation of the rules and/or regulations governing the use of the identification mark, which does not constitute a criminal act. According to the Code of Offences, individuals will be fined 20,000 som (about 1,660 RMB) and legal entities will be fined 65,000 som (about 5,400 RMB).

Therefore, the State Tax Service of Kyrgyzstan reminds all persons of the need to mark their products in a timely manner in accordance with the above-mentioned Cabinet of Ministers resolution.